Tall Trees

Warra SuperSite tall eucalypts project

Tasmania’s tall eucalypt forests are globally significant because of their exceptional growth rates, tree height and the quantity of carbon they store. These values were recognised in the listing of the Minor Extension to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area in 2013. Recent discoveries from monitoring of tall forest within the TWWHA, found the forest […]

Australia’s Wine Future: A Climate Atlas

Australia’s Wine Future

Climate Futures has been working closely with Wine Australia to produce a new, comprehensive ‘Climate Atlas’ which lays out climate change-induced effects on Australia’s wine growing regions, and identifies pathways to adaptation. A three-year project with the University of Tasmania brought together an extensive, multi-disciplinary research team to consider the impact of seasonal climate variability […]

Prescribed Burning project, stage 2

This project extended previous research to include greater understanding of potential vegetation change and consider the combined effects of extreme climate conditions associated with high fire danger, aspects identified by Tasmanian fire managers as being necessary to help them make decisions about the timing of prescribed burning in the future. The project assessed changes in […]

Prescribed Burning project, stage 1

This project built on previous Climate Futures research which suggested that fire danger may increase across much of Tasmania under ongoing climate change, with the fire season starting earlier in the year, and lasting for longer. This trend has important consequences for the ability to manage bushfire risk using prescribed burning, which is currently the […]


Reanalysis for Tasmania

The Bureau of Meteorology has commenced an Australia-wide reanalysis project to generate the best-available representation of historical weather every hour over Australia and the surrounding region covering the period 1990 to 2015, using a state-of-the art numerical weather model, weather observations and terabytes of satellite data. The Australia-wide reanalysis dataset is being produced on a […]


2016 Tasmanian State Natural Disaster Risk Assessment

The 2016 Tasmanian State Natural Disaster Risk Assessment (TSNDRA) report provides a revised assessment of the state-level risks associated with bushfires, floods and coastal inundation, severe storms, heatwaves, earthquakes, landslides and human influenza pandemics in Tasmania. Building on the previous TSNDRA report published in 2012, and utilising up-to-date research and information from the Climate Futures […]

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