2016 Tasmanian State Natural Disaster Risk Assessment

The 2016 Tasmanian State Natural Disaster Risk Assessment (TSNDRA) report provides a revised assessment of the state-level risks associated with bushfires, floods and coastal inundation, severe storms, heatwaves, earthquakes, landslides and human influenza pandemics in Tasmania.

Building on the previous TSNDRA report published in 2012, and utilising up-to-date research and information from the Climate Futures program, the report reassesses Tasmania’s current risk from natural hazards, and provides a series of new risk treatment options for how the State can treat and reduce risk, produced in collaboration with the emergency management sector, Government agencies and departments, and industry partners.

The 2016 TSNDRA project was led by Dr Chris White from the University of Tasmania, in partnership with the Climate Futures program at ACE CRC and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University).

The report is the first to be undertaken by an external agency, with Tasmania being the first state or territory to adopt the new National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines (NERAG) introduced by the Australian Government last year, making this risk assessment the most up-to-date in Australia.

The overall aim of the TSNDRA is to contribute to disaster resilience by delivering an increased understanding and awareness of emergency risks affecting the state of Tasmania, and provides a basis to inform decision-making across the Tasmanian emergency management sector, particularly in relation to risk reduction and mitigation activity priorities. The 2016 TSNDRA report has been endorsed by the Tasmanian State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) as the authoritative state-level natural disaster risk assessment that Tasmanian Government agencies use to inform the management of state-level risks posed by natural disasters in Tasmania.

The report and summary report are freely available and can be downloaded below.

 Download Full Report

 Download All Hazard Summary


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