The Conversation publishes a new article from Climate Futures

April 26, 2021

Dr Gabi Mocatta and Dr Bec Harris have published a new article that examines the progress that is currently being made in climate change mitigation efforts globally. They ask whether we might be seeing the start of a tipping point for climate action.

It’s unusual for researchers who study our catastrophically changing climate to use the words “optimism” and “climate change” in the same sentence.

As an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) lead author and a climate communication researcher, we well understand how grave the climate situation is. The science projections tell us we’re not on track to stay under the Paris Agreement’s 2℃ target. Our planet’s biodiversity and oceans are in peril. And if we reach climate tipping points, we’ll have little ability to mitigate runaway climate change.

See the full article in The Conversation here.

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