The Potential Impact of Climate Change on Victorian Alpine Resorts

Over the past few years the Victorian alpine resorts have been undertaking various adaptive approaches to manage the changing climate to ensure long term sustainable operations across 12 months of the year. This has encompassed continued broadening of ‘green season ‘ recreational and nature based activities and events designed to encourage Victorians to visit the alpine regions in summer, including supporting and working with local businesses to continue to provide a wide variety of products, services and regional job opportunities. There has also been investment in sustainable operations including water recycling and treatment systems, waste recovery processes, renewable energy systems and land management programs to protect the sensitive ecology and biodiversity of the alpine regions. Additionally, Victoria’s alpine resorts continue to work with local authorities to ensure coordinated responses to fire and emergency planning. In partnership with lift companies, there has been a significant investment in snow making infrastructure to maintain a quality winter experience, along with the development of non-snow dependent winter activities for a range of new visitors. In recognition of changing climatic conditions, the ARCC commissioned the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre at the University of Tasmania to provide research into the likely future impacts at Victoria’s alpine resorts. This report, in conjunction with other research conducted by the ARCC and its predecessor over the last 25 years, adds to an extensive body of knowledge. This latest report will be used by the resorts, industry and government to further assist with forward planning and maintaining a focus on enhancing alpine operations across 12 months of the year, creating resilient alpine resort communities.

Citation: Harris, R.M.B., Remenyi, T. and Bindoff, N.L. (2016) The Potential Impacts of Climate Change on
Victorian Alpine Resorts. A Report to the Alpine Resorts Co-ordinating Council. Antarctic Climate and
Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre, Hobart, Australia.

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