Prof. Bindoff is key author on IPCC report

September 20, 2019

Professor Nathan Bindoff was a key author of the Special Report on the Oceans and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate. He was coordinating lead author of Chapter 5 of the IPCC report: Changing Ocean, Marine Ecosystems and Dependent Communities.

Prof Bindoff described the report as perhaps the most comprehensive ever on the assessment of the impact of anthropogenic  climate change. The report has over 100 authors and contributions by another 250-300 scientists.

“The report shows that it’s now virtually certain that the global ocean is continuing to warm up,” Professor Bindoff said. He said that marine heatwaves, ocean acidification and sea level rise were particularly relevant to Australia, as the Southern Ocean continued to suck up heat.

“The really key message from the report is that there are options and ways and means to respond to climate change but there are limits in adaptation and consequently choices need to be made around emission pathways,” he said.

Prof. Bindoff was a report presenter at the IPCC’s 51st session in Monaco 20-23 September 2019.

Images:  IISD/ENB, Mike Muzurakis

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