Climate Futures team delivers ‘Introduction to the Science of Climate Change’ study unit

October 16, 2020
Climate Futures team delivers ‘Introduction to the Science of Climate Change’ study unit

The Climate Futures team is proud to have completed the first semester of teaching its new unit within the Diploma of Sustainable Living, Introduction to the Science of Climate Change.

Almost 100 students have completed this unit online through University College at UTAS. Over 13 weeks, students are given a comprehensive grounding in climate science, in a way that is engaging and accessible to those who may not have studied much science before.

Our first cohort of completing students had much praise for the course. Here are a couple of the many positive comments we received from students:

“I spoke with my sister yesterday who said her neighbour commented on the weather and went on to say he didn’t believe in climate change. She said she didn’t feel educated enough to engage in a discussion with her neighbour. We went on to have a great conversation and I was able to put into practice some of the communication skills I have been learning in this unit and with assignment 3. It was very timely! I felt really equipped to have a conversation about the misunderstanding that “climate change isn’t real”

“Thank you for an amazing course. It was hard work, but I have learnt a hell of a lot, and DEFINITELY feel more confident discussing climate change with slightly more authority than before. It will be these conversations at thousands of dinner tables around Australia that will hopefully shift the needle. I just hope we’re not too late.”

This unit is the first in a series of two units on climate change being taught by Climate Futures researchers. The follow-on unit, KGA105 Responding to Climate Change, will run in Semester 1 2021

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