Can universities be leaders of climate action?

October 5, 2020
Can universities be leaders of climate action?

Dr Gabi Mocatta, Climate Futures’ Research Fellow in Climate Change Communication, made a presentation to Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability. The presentation, in anticipation of Global Climate Change Week, explored how universities lead not only research, teaching and thought on climate change, but how they can lead in taking action on climate change. The talk discussed some examples of what universities around Australia and globally are doing to lead climate action, including divesting from fossil fuels and investing in on-campus renewables to become carbon neutral. The University of Tasmania is a Climate Active certified carbon neutral organisation – one of only two universities in Australia to hold this certification.

The University of Tasmania recently ranked third in the world in the Times Higher Education World University Climate Action Rankings, which measure research on climate change, energy use and climate change adaptation. Our university punches above its weight in this field with more IPCC authors than any other Australian university, two of which (Dr Bec Harris and Prof. Nathan Bindoff) are Climate Futures team members.

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